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HDB Painting Services

HDB Painting Services

HDB Painting Services

Color Creative offers very low-cost HDB home painting services for Singaporeans. We believe that we are offering the most refined painting makeover possible for your new home or home facelift. More than 25 well-seasoned Singaporean painters are on hand. We do tasks promptly, provide excellent customer service, and value our customers. Please get in contact with us and discover how cheap our services are!

Problems or complications may occasionally be found while painting an HDB unit. For an HDB makeover, you will need to be an experienced observer and hire a professional to work in your place. Our team members have many years of painting HDBs expertise, and they have left clients pleased every time.

HDB painting made easy

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get outstanding outcomes. As you might imagine, our contractors have excellent attention to detail and a love for their job, so you can expect that finished product to be perfect. Colour Creative is your go-to if you want to create a vibrant, eye-catching room. From the thrill of moving into a new place to the grin on the customer’s face when they see the finished product, helping our clients build their home is an incredible experience. We take the time to care for our clients and ensure that we completely understand their vision and preferences.

5 Room HDB Flat

It is the most extensive and most expensive apartment in the HDB housing estates. However, the five-room apartments will have significantly larger rooms than the three-room flats. That is why they charge more for their paintings. It will cost between $800 and $1500 to paint these flats. This is estimated pricing since every contractor will charge a different amount. Completing the project will take approximately two to four days due to the size and quantity of the rooms. But on the other hand, in most instances, it might take four days for the paint to cure fully.

4 Rooms HDB Flat

It is also one of the two most significant, and virtually everyone who visits London chooses to stay here. In a similar manner as the five-room apartment, these rooms are compact. You will have to discuss the fees with a contractor and haggle over the pricing of the painting. Estimated painting costs for a 4-room flat range from approximately $700 to $1350. This is because the contractor fees will vary, resulting in many different prices. It may take anything from one to three days to complete the painting procedure. About two-thirds of the flats will need at least three days.

3 Room HDB Flat

The most inexpensive painting cost for these apartments is found among Singaporean inhabitants. Like the other rooms, these rooms are distinct from the five-room apartment in that they are somewhat different. It costs approximately $600 to paint a 3-room HDB apartment and $1100 for four rooms. To paint a 3-room HDB apartment takes one to two days. It is, nevertheless, essential to note that most of the homes paint and finish in a single day.

HDB door painting service

We provide door painting and repainting services to various doors for all residential and commercial locations, such as government-assigned housing complexes, homerooms, and metal doors. All of our treatments come with a minimum 1-year guarantee from our HDB Approved professional painters.



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