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Demolition Services

Demolition Services

Using our team to handle your light demolition work is a fantastic method to save money on your home remodeling projects by eliminating the middlemen. We are much more than a standard trash removal service in the area. We provide minor demolition and debris removal services for any space in your house or business that you may need them.


About Our Interior Demolition Process

Alpine Demolition Services has extensive expertise working on many interior demolition projects, including specialized projects like stadiums and power plants. We can help you with your project. We recognize the delicate nature of interior Demolition and devote a significant amount of time to precise planning and thorough staff training to ensure that current activities are not jeopardized throughout the process. If you’re searching for a contractor you can rely on to do the job correctly the first time without the concern of damage or further work, you’ve come to the right place. Our services include the removal and salvage of:

  • house demolition
  • Ceilings, walls, and flooring
  • wall demolition
  • Specialized equipment and more

Hacking and Demolition Services

We offer expert packing, dismantling, and demolition services for various types of HDB, BTO, landed, and commercial properties. Contact us now! We can execute hacking tasks at low prices since we are an experienced direct hacking contractor, and there is no need for a middleman in the process. We are the most reputable demolition contractors in the city-state of Singapore.


House Demolition

Even though house demolition is generally quick and straightforward, it is frightening for those unfamiliar with the process. Destruction of a home may be accomplished via two main methods: deconstruction and Demolition. Deconstruction is the act of manually removing valuable elements from a structure, conserving them, and reusing them for a future purpose. On the other hand, Demolition is the complete and total system, which is typically accomplished with heavy equipment. Following the Demolition, the material is often taken away as construction trash.


Demolition Contractors

Among the responsibilities of our Demolition contractors is the process of removing buildings, structures, and houses from their respective locations. An experienced demolition contractor is also the one who is in charge of clearing the site of all waste and building materials once a demolition job has been finished. When remodeling your house, eliminating a wall may provide a significant amount of additional room. We methodically destroy a bare fence, following simple instructions.


Wall Hacking

Working with well-known interior designers in Singapore, we have earned a reputation for consistently providing high-quality wall hacking services for the floor and wall surfaces we operate on. The size of the house you are destroying will have the most significant overall effect on the cost of the job, so plan accordingly. Larger homes have a more robust system to disassemble and a more substantial amount of material to segregate and dispose of, necessitating a more significant investment of time and effort.


How Much Cost to Demolish a House?

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