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PD Door

The most famous architectural product developed and produced in Singapore is an aluminum frame sliding and swinging system. Still, it is also the most expensive because of the high cost of aluminum. It has been created in Singapore and other areas of the globe to be a creative and flexible bifold door that is visually appealing and functional. Because of this, developers, architects, interior designers, and customers will be able to make ecologically responsible decisions for their projects in Singapore and across the globe.

For decades, engineering has been a never-ending endeavor at PD Door to develop and manufacture the whole product line to offer solutions and technical advantages superior to those offered by our competitors. This has been accomplished via extensive research and careful attention to the input received from our customers. Please kindly contact us for free quote of PD door replacement.

What does PD Door Stand for?

An aluminum frame supports the system, which allows for sliding and swinging action. A sliding and swinging system with an aluminum frame, developed and produced in Singapore, is the most frequently used architectural product in the nation.


How does PD Door Work?

Even though the PD door’s design concept seems to be simple, it has been meticulously designed to suit the requirements and expectations of today’s market participants. Because of the fundamental slide and swing mechanism used, it is possible to create a door that extends to the width of a conventional door while maintaining the lowest possible swing area.


What is a Q Fold Door?

This is a new generation of bi-fold doors that can be opened in both directions simultaneously, which is called the Q-fold Door. This kind does not have a track on the bottom, and it opens smoothly and softly without making any noise. It is also fully water-resistant. Closets, ensuites, playrooms, and a home office are just a few instances where folding doors may be used to increase the amount of space available in your house.


What is the Difference between the PD door and the Slide and Swing door?

Pd Doors have the lowest swing area compared to other swing doors available on the market, which is because the panels are half the size of the usual swing doors available. According to the picture, a door made of PD that does not need a bottom rail is both aesthetically displeasing and potentially dangerous. Slide and swinging are made possible by engaging the top rail, allowing barrier-free accessibility, fast and straightforward cleaning, and little upkeep and maintenance requirements.



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