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Bifold Door

Bifold Door

Bifold Door

A Bifold door is a type of door that opens in parts or so-called panels by folding back. Folding doors are sometimes known as two-fold doors, although having more than two panels most frequently. Another nickname is the doors of “concertina,” inspired by the same name musical instrument. Folding doors may be used as internal or exterior separators and consist of a wide range of materials. Most doors are glass, and the panels feature wood, aluminum or uPVC frames. They may expand and fold inside or externally and are utilized extensively for contemporary applications.

Whichever choice you select, the most costly option (in comparison to sliding or French doors) will be bi-fold doors. The material you choose for the door has a significant price effect since it is much larger than other options. Bifold doors in many houses are a simple yet clever way of conserving space. With bi-folding doors, you add a fast touch of modernity, particularly when used indoors, and create a fantastic room divider while also opening your space. Bifold doors operate on the concept of a concertina and fold back panels into a tiny storage space (shaking frames and glass panels) in an eccentric corner of a room, opening an entire door. Please kindly contact us for free quote of bifold door replacement. Below are type of the bifold doors we supply and install.


Types of Bifold Doors

  1. Glass Bifold Door
  2. Bifold Toilet Door
  3. Wooden Bifold Door
  4. Foldable Door
  5. Kitchen Bifold Door
  6. Locking Bifold Door
  7. Bifold Bathroom Door
  8. Louvered Bifold Door
  9. HDB Bi-fold Toilet Door
  10. Timber Bifold Door
  11. Sliding Bifold Door
  12. Bifold Door Kitchen
  13. Bifold Bedroom Door
  14. Bifold Sliding Door
  15. Bi Fold Cabinet Door
  16. Top Hung Bifold Door
  17. Bifold Closet Door
  18. Bifold French Door


Frameless Glass Bifold Door

Frameless Glass Bifold Doors are a type of sliding doors that have a glass panel or a frameless window. They are one of the most popular types of sliding doors today, mainly because they provide an unobstructed view and allow natural light to come through. Frameless Glass Bifold Doors come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that will work best for your home or business. You can also install them yourself with just a screwdriver! A Frameless Glass Bifold Door is perfect for those who want to maximize their space while still being able to see outside. They come in different sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find your perfect door!


Aluminum Bifold Door


A metal bifold door is a door that folds into two panels. The panels are hinged on the top or bottom or both. Aluminum Bifold Doors are very popular because they are durable, light, and affordable. These doors can be used in commercial buildings as well as homes for security purposes. An aluminum bifold door is a type of front door where the walls fold down to reveal only one panel when opened


PVC Bifold Door

PVC bifold doors are an alternative to traditional steel or aluminum doors that are used in various applications. Some of these applications include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, and more. PVC bifold doors have some advantages over the others like corrosion resistance and good insulation qualities. This type of door is also durable when compared to other types of doors. They can be manufactured with wood paneling or frameless options for aesthetic purposes. PVC Bifold Door provides several advantages in terms of durability and aesthetics.

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