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Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

PS Homee Maintenance’s electrical team specializes in lighting to assist you in getting the aesthetics you want in your home. We know that lighting is an essential element of home design, but it can also be a significant energy source. Our staff is thus helping families and companies to install the lighting that best matches their lifestyle and budget. Our electricians constantly put your requirements first. Therefore we promise 100% fulfillment. You may be confident with our staff by your side that the work will be done first.


LED Lighting Installation

The lighting installation concept is mainly used in artificial electrical lighting facilities whereby the system includes light systems with their light sources, start and control equipment, power supply, switchboards, and various electrical equipment used for electricity distribution to lighting units. Furthermore, the phrase “light installation” generally refers to any specific equipment needed, for example, to enhance the lighting quality of an artificial backdrop. The word also refers to medical equipment for the production of radiography, signals, and surfaces, such as room walls and ceilings, that contribute to the spatial redistribution of light flow.


Installing Led Lights in Ceiling

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how LED strip lights are installed. However, connect the LEDs and verify that they function before starting your procedure, then proceeding with the project.

Step #1: Measure the circumference of your room ceiling, including all corners. Make sure you also measure the distance from your outlet if there is a short wire in the power supply. Since LED strips are given in specified lengths, it is now possible to select whether you want one or several LED strips. If copper cutting points are supplied on the reel, you may cut the strips to length.

Step 2: Ensure that the power outlet is as near as feasible to the source supply. Use your LED strip roll for maximum visual appeal and minimal waste of the additional roll or extra cabling.

Step 3: Now, if your LED strips are intended to endure, your setup has to be airflow in the space and not packed behind bulky furniture and heavy drapes.


Installing Track Lighting

A track lighting system is an excellent method to lighten any area, either in your kitchen or garage. However, the idea of setting up a track lighting system on your own may be daunting. However, you can install track lighting in only one day with careful preparation and a little care. You have to know how many tracks you need, where you want them, how to attach them to the ceiling, and how to link them to a power supply. Figure out the track length you will require. Measure the ceiling length you intend on placing your track illumination before you head to the local home improvement shop.


Purchase track and connections at your local home improvement shop. The lighting route is often available in parts 4 feet (1.2 m) long or 8 feet (2.4 m) long. If you can’t locate a track with the precise length you need, purchase a longer track since you can trim it afterward. Cut track using a hacksaw if required to the appropriate length. If you have purchased a path longer than you require, you may see it with a hacksaw in length. Insert connections if you’re going to use them. If several tracks are connected using connectors, it is easier to put them on before the track system is attached to the ceiling.


Downlight Installation

Depending on your preferences, LED downlights may be installed wired or separately connected. The way we see it, though, is the plug-in option because:

(1) You will have lower electrical services costs,

(2) You may securely install the real downlight LED and

(3) In case you need to alter them later, they will be simpler to replace.

This is why this is the intelligent method to install an LED downlight, and as you read, you will see it more clearly.


Replacing a Ceiling Light

Step 1: Old Fixture Remove

Step 2: The Wires Separation

Step 3: Remove the strap

Step 4: The Wires Strip

Step 5: Wire nuts connect

Step 6: Connections secure

Step 7: Fixture Install

Step 8: Bulbs and the Globe Install


Change Light Bulb Singapore

Before inserting a substitute bulb, check the socket to see whether a burn mark is on the socket. It’s because of an incorrect connection. To replace the socket, please get in touch with an electrician. If the specification on the replacement bulb does not continue to verify, it must have the same voltage. Now do the same with a light but firm grip and insert the bulb into the socket. Start twisting clockwise until it is fitted tightly.

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