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Aircon General Service

Aircon General Service

Aircon General Service

The Aircon General Service is a routine air conditioner check-up. Each aircon should check once for three or four months. It helps ensure adequate cooling of the aircon. Clean the air filter in the service; check the gas level, airflow, etc. General Aircon Servicing is for the air conditioning unit, which has recently received chemical service in the past 3-6 months. The next stage in keeping your air conditioner is to provide general air conditioning every three months.

During our regular use, the dust begins to develop around the air conditioning system and, over time, will cause the development of fungus and mold. By providing general air conditioning services, we assist you in removing/minimize the surface dust before entering the system in depth. We strongly advise you to perform this service every three months to guarantee your aircon always runs efficiently and always breaths in the fresh air.

The Normal Aircon Services

Moreover, the standard air conditioning service is preventative maintenance. It tends to accumulate pollution and filth in different sensitive components, including the filters and condenser bowls, as the AC constantly works over a period. It decreases the unit’s efficiency over time and when the dirt is created, thus affecting its performance.

The regular servicing in this respect includes the examination and cleaning of the different components of the system.

Aircon General Services Pricing

The national average price for your air conditioning or system is from $40 and depends on the total aircon units to be serviced. Whether the expert conducts a basic tuning and cleaning process or discovering significant problems with your air conditioner, they need to fix it.

AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance is a necessary task for any air conditioner to work properly. In the era of global warming and climate change, regular AC maintenance can help you save money and keep your AC unit in top shape. Consequently, your family will be more comfortable during summertime.

Once you find a professional company to take care of the maintenance, they will provide the following services such as the annual service inspection will check all major components which include compressor system, cooling coils, condenser fan motor and other accessories. This way, if there are any problems that need to be fixed or replaced then it can be found before they turn into an emergency.


The Benefit of General Aircon Servicing

Regular Aircon servicing will significantly enhance our Aircons performance and assist in addressing severe potential air conditioning issues. It will assist in prolonging our air conditioner’s life and reduce the expense of significant risks. Many air conditioners are affected mainly by maintenance deficiencies. It’ll cost less than buying a new unit or getting another one installed. It’s also better than having to live without cooling in your home which could lead to higher utility bills and an uncomfortable living situation.

HDB Aircon Servicing

In the following months, as the weather in Singapore looks to become damp and warm, many families in Singapore are planning to begin utilizing their air conditioning during this time.

As with all electronics, our maintenance and repair of our air conditioning are inevitable for extended periods of use.

Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioning?

Before we look at why your air conditioning is to be served, we need first to grasp how air conditioning works. An Aircons fundamental concept is the heat drawn from the surrounding region and cold air released to assist chill the targeted area.

On the fan coil, dust and grime begin to accumulate over a lengthy period. Your air conditioning systems have to work harder to get comparable performance, using more significant amounts of energy, raising your power costs.

By hiring a professional air conditioner to service your air conditioning regularly, you can expect a significant decrease in your electricity bill and simultaneously extend your beloved air condition with constant wear and tear changes to ensure the optimal operation of your air conditioning system over the coming years.

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