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Window Tinting & Removal Service

Window Tinting & Removal Service

Window Tinting & Removal Service

Window tinting may help filter up to 70 percent of UV sunlight, decreasing the decay rate of your vehicle’s inside surfaces. This means that your vehicle will appear sharp and brand new longer. Window Film is a thin laminate film that may be placed in cars and boats on or outside glass surfaces and in houses and structures on or inside the glass. Solar window film is a thin substance that is directly used to reduce excess solar light, heat, and glare, as well as UV radiation, on your current window panels. Contrary to other window coverings, the window film is transparent and visible, enabling you to view it and maintain it clean. While many products provide lots of seclusions and improved security during the day, we suggest adding nightlife privacy windows.


Types of Film

Window film is a thin sheet of plastic or other material designed to be applied to a window, often tinted or treated with an anti-reflective coating, to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the building. There are various types of window film available in the market for different purposes. Here are some common types of window film that you might find useful:

  • Privacy Window Film
  • Solar Window Film
  • 3m Solar Film
  • 3m Films For Windows
  • Frosting Window Film
  • Window Film For HDB
  • Reflective Window Film
  • One Way Window Film
  • Mirror Window Film
  • Sun Blocking Window Film
  • Heat Reducing Window Film


Best Solar Film For Home Windows

3M Daylight Redirecting Film is one of the most straightforward but more practical options for solar window coloring, which may deepen your building with natural light. It can illuminate the space as deep as 40 feet from the window. Up to 80% of the light may be diverted to the ceiling, providing much more natural light. Tinted window film is a concept which creates a barrier, utilizing reflection, nano-ceramic, and metallic finishes, but also by darkening glass, for the heat to pass through the glass and be contained in the room. Similar to tint-peeling, you may remove sticky remains on your glass in many methods. You may spray soapy water on the region and scrape the residue thoroughly with your razor blade.


Heat Reducing Window Film

Heat-reflective window film is used directly on your existing exterior glass surfaces to prevent heat and to reflect UV rays outdoors to improve interior comfort. The heat-blocking glass may be transparent, so vision or natural light are not sacrificed to obtain the advantages.


Sun Blocking Window Film

Sun blocking window film helps you lower your energy charge by reducing your dependency on cooling devices like fans and air conditioners when you are warm outside. Such window coatings limit solar heat, decrease heat absorption by the glass and eliminate hot spots inside your home or business.

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