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Window Lock & Window Restrictor Replacement

Window Lock & Window Restrictor Replacement

Window Lock & Window Restrictor

A lock connected to the double-hung window sashes can both fix in the shut position. A door or drawer attachment is installed to hold it securely closed. Window limiters are a tool that stops the opening of a window too far. Several building types need law-based window restrictions. Every public organization has a legal duty to provide a safe environment. The spag handle includes a round spindle projected from the back of the steering transmission into the locking mechanism, which is typically hidden within the window. Turning the handle enables you to spin the tool within the window and rotate the lock points around the window. The faulty handle and lock may occasionally be replaced with an identical match. Therefore the old handle should constantly be with you while searching for a replacement. The safety and handle must first be removed so that the window is closed, and the hold should only be lifted.


Types of window restrictor

Window restrictor is a product that helps in locking or restricting windows when they are left open. It is made of metal, plastic, or rubber and they are usually installed in the frame of the window in order to keep it shut. Window restrictors come in different types depending on the purpose for which they are used. They can help prevent children or animals from opening windows. They can also be used to prevent damage to the window frame due to mischievous kids playing with their toys.

  • Re Safe Window Restrictor
  • Casement Window Restrictor
  • Concealed Window Restrictor
  • Sliding Window Restrictor
  • HDB Window Restrictor
  • Window Opening Restrictors
  • Window Safety Restrictor
  • Window Security Restrictor


Types of Window Locks

  • Keyed Locks.
  • Window Latches.
  • Sliding Window Locks.
  • Ventilating Locks.
  • Hinged Wedge Locks.
  • Folding Latches.
  • Lock Pins.
  • Lag Screws.


Sliding Window Lock

Therefore, a bar is put in the window so that it doesn’t slide. These are similar sliding window locks but enable the safety to be opened and closed without using a key or hex key.

Window Safety Locks

Window security locks are either secure a window from outside to prohibit illegal access or protect the occupants. Young or vulnerable individuals in particular.

Window Grill Lock

Window grills are the ornamental bars between windows to give them a distinctive appearance or fit the aesthetic with neighboring windows. As a residential owner, grilling is just one method that makes your windows appear unique and stand out from the rest of the road.

Casement Window Lock

Window locks are either permanent or hidden within the window, and all feature a removable key. Both wooden and metal casement windows (windows opening at the side) may be locked by casement windows and used to limit how far the window opens.

Window Latch Lock

The most popular kind of window lock is window locking. They are found when placed on most single and double-hung windows. Window latches are essential locks, which other locks need to be strengthened to strengthen your window.

Aluminum Window Lock

Thumbscrew locks are low-cost and securely lock aluminum windows. A tiny clamp with a paddle top screw and thumb tube locks may be easily installed and moved along the aluminum window frame if you want the window to be raised or lowered.

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