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Door Frame Repair

Door Frame Repair

Door Frame Repair

The door frame is a part of the house that has a lot of stress put on it. It is a crucial component for entryways and can be seen in most houses. The door frame needs to be in good condition to avoid accidents and injuries, so it should be taken care of. There are three types of door frame repair:

-Wooden door frames: two pieces of wood are joined together to form a rectangular shape.

-Metal door frames: the metal is joined together in a U-shape.

-Aluminum door frames: the aluminum is fixed in place with screws.

Interior Door Frame Replacement

If your door frame is damaged, you need a door that contains the frame and the door. If your frame is in excellent form, a plate, also known as the blank door (picture on the right), is acceptable. Whatever kind you choose, you may choose several styles which fit your home decoration.

1. Removing the Old Door

  • You may install the new door using your existing door as a template. Close it and make markings 10 inches up from the floor before removing the previous door. These will be used later as reference markers for trimming the new door.
  • Remove the old lockset and pins, take the door out. Also, remove the hinge plates from the door.

2. Marking and Trimming the New Door

  • Put the old door on top with the new door on sawdust—maintain the tops and sides flush—and fasten it in place. Mark any new door extra. You’re going to trim it later.
  • Use a combination square to mark the hinges on the new door.
  • Use the square to transfer the distance from the edge of the door.
  • Mark the depths of the mortise with a hinge.
  • Mark the position of the lockset.
  • Transfer from the old door to the new one the 10-inch reference marks you created above. Set away from the old door.
  • Measure 9-7/8 inches on the bottom from these reference points on the new door and straight across the door.
  • Cut any extra with a saw or plaster from the sides and bottom of the new door.

3. Attaching the Door Hardware

The hinges of the door may be circular or square. You may use a router with a hinge template to carve mortises if your things are rounded. You may cut the mortises with a chisel if your hinges are square.

4. Installing the Door

  • Place the door on the hinges. Use wood shims on the floor if required to raise the door.
  • Insert the pins of the hinge. You may tap the hinge pins flush with a hammer if required.
  • Install the lockset or doorknob as directed.
  • Test the door to see that it fits and swings.

Exterior Door Frame Replacement

Replace an old, refined front door with a new energy-efficient, attractive one. In the weathered frame, replacement doors are prehung, and you don’t have to be a master craftsman to perform a first-class job. We will show you the methods that will make your installation flawless and weatherproof.

  • Measure your old door
  • Remove your old door
  • Pry Loose Old trim
  • Remove jams
  • Prepare and install the sill
  • Install the band
  • Calling
  • Tack on the outdoor door prehung
  • Substitute the hinges
  • Isolate the door
  • Install the outside door

Fix Door Frame


When you have a door that won’t close, you need to do some things to make sure it will open and close properly.:

-Check the hinges for wear and tear

-Replace any broken or loose hinges

-Remove debris from the doorway

-Grease the pivots on the door frame

-If all else fails, replace your door frame

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