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House Rewiring

House Rewiring

House Rewiring

When you renovate your existing house or construct a new one, electrical wiring is an essential part of the consideration. Experienced experts should preferably carry out a complicated and time-consuming procedure. When you decide to wire or rewire your house or business, you will be able to select many options. The many kinds of cable materials available and the numerous cable installation methods are provided.

Here we are going to cover the most frequent elements of cabling, beginning with the indicators, where you can determine whether cabling along with the various kinds of electrical wirings and their relevant installation procedures is needed or not. Pricing and services often rely significantly on the nature, location, and degree of competence of work. If you had a licensed professional in Singapore, that would assist – this is required by law.


Lighting Fixtures Price

We need lighting to go on with our everyday activities. So you may also take the right time to examine your lighting decoration that best matches every area in your home. Installing lighting prices may be lower than the lights themselves, but remember that the work costs rely on the easiness of installing your electrical devices.


Installing Or Upgrading Distribution Board (DB) Box Cost

For landed homes, the price varies according to the size of your property and the number of power outlets in your home. Integrating a new panel box into your home is tricky, and household installation prices may vary.


Whole House Electrical Rewiring Cost


Electrical Service Cost in SGD
Lighting Fixtures
Install light/lighting point From $50
Install chandelier From $100
Replace light bulb/light fitting/light switch From $40
Repair light From $50
Rewiring HDB Cost
Install a DB box $350 – $900 (depending on property size)


3-room HDB flat: From $400

4-room HDB flat: From $500

5-room HDB flat: From $600

Repair of DB box $100 – $140
Electrical rewiring cost
Install/replace power socket From $50
Install 13A power point for water heater/washing machine From $100
Install 15A power point for air conditioner/heater From $130
Install/replace switch socket outlet From $60
Install telephone point From $50
Install TV point From $100
Install datapoint/cable/LAN port From $120
Install wall fan From $80
Install ceiling fan $80 – $100 (existing point)
$120 – $180 (new point)
Whole House Rewire Cost
Rewiring services Depending on property size

3-room HDB flat: $1000 – $2000

4-room HDB flat: $1500 – $2500

5-room HDB flat: $2500 – $3000


When to Rewire a House Singapore

In two situations, an electrical rewire is required. First, your property is aged, and cables are outdated, which leads to chronic electrical problems and security concerns, which you want to correct. Secondly, you are updating or altering the current electric circuit to enhance aesthetics or make it more comfortable and accessible. If you are seeking rework services for any of the two reasons outlined above, our professional electricians can assist at a reasonable cost as well.


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