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Window Handle Replacement

Window Handle Replacement

Window Handle Replacement

The faulty handle and lock may occasionally be replaced with an identical match. Therefore the old handle should constantly be with you while searching for a replacement. The safety and handle must first be removed so that the window is closed, and the hold should only be lifted. Window repair service Singapore provides you with a cost-efficient and high-end reparation option with no high-pressure sales techniques and the possibility to save money by installing high-quality replacement components instead of replacing your complete dual-vitrage system. Open the window until the guide for the crank arm coincides with the guide path (use locking pliers for a crank handle and push out on the window to help it open). Press down the arm to release the bush from the path, then push out the window until the brush clears the route. There are methods to replace your HDB Window grips, but the window is your best option. Most antique windows have a lock in the center of the window that can open with a butter knife punched between the sashes and the handle unloaded.


Types of Window Handle

  • Casement Stays & Pegs.
  • Cockspur Handles.
  • Espagnolette Handles.
  • Heritage Handles.
  • Tilt Before Turn Handles.
  • Chrome Window Handles
  • Brass Window Handles


Casement Window Handle

The casement is the portion of the opening window where the glass is sitting. Style – vertical corners of an enclosure. Jamb – The two vertical pieces on both sides of the window frame go up the outside border. Cill or sill — Sits across the bottom of the window frame horizontally.

Aluminum Window Handles

The two significant kinds of window handles, which are double vibrated, are the handles Espag and Cockspur, after which there are handles Tilt and Turn, Spade or Blade and Fork handle. The Spanish window handle is typically fastened by two bolts and has a square spindle on the rear.

Window Latch Handle

Window latches are a standard fastening and locking device for single and double windows. The two sashes join together when they are closed, consisting of a window catch and lever. In addition to offering safety against intruders, they also assist in maintaining heat and save energy costs.


Change Window Handles

  1. Step 1: remove the window handle already in place. Remove the caps of the screw cover. In the open position, place the hold.
  2. Step 2: Identify a substitute handle. Identify whether the handle is left, right or inline.
  3. Step 3: Substitute handle fit. Put in the open position the new handle.
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