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Aircon services

Aircon services

Air conditioning services comprise any servicing on the system that supplies cool air to your car’s cabin. The evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve, and coolant are the main components of your air conditioning system. There are varieties of issues, which may prevent your air conditioner from generating cold air—it can be as easy as adding coolant. However, normal wear and tear lead to the loss and wear of seals, taps, and attachments. Refrigerant may seep out if this occurs.

Aircon Chemical Wash

An Aircon chemical wash includes a skilled expert that tears your air conditioner machine apart to clean the belt correctly and air filters and water tanks using a chemical solution. When it comes to the Aircon chemical wash pricing, you may go from one ventilator spool to 6 ventilator spools all the way. The price depends on the number of cleaned units and the depth of the air conditioner. Click here for more details about chemical wash and other chemical cleaning services.

Aircon Overhaul

In contrast to chemical cleaning, the air conditioner is utilized as an air conditioner service or repair technique. If you find that your air connector does not cool enough, make a loud noise or leak water, or stop working entirely, you will have to do a refurbishment. Click here for more details about aircon overhaul service.

VRV system

The VRV system is a multi-split air conditioning system for commercial constructions using variable coolant flow management to enable clients to retain individual zone control in every room and level of a building.

Aircon Installation

Sometimes for cost, efficiency, or other reasons, outdated air conditioning equipment has to be replaced. However, it is never one-size-fits-all to choose an air conditioner. Our AC experts visit your house to see exactly which air conditioner works best for you. We will always work with you to take your budget, tastes, and other things into account that are essential for your comfort and your house. Visit here for more details about new and used aircon installation service.

We do installation of different Aircons

Split aircon: a separate air conditioning unit has two primary components – a compressor outside and an interior air outlet.

Wall-mounted aircon: wall-mounted air conditioners belong to what is known as a wall-mounted wall air conditioner. These systems have a different approach than traditional central air, in which cold air is supplied through a pipeline to rooms.

Ducted aircon: Ducted air conditioning delivers heating and cooling throughout your house or business area through a system of pipes.

Ceiling cassette aircon: one of the kinds of ductless mini-split systems is a ceiling cassette. The interior air handler is not placed on a wall or floor with this system. Instead, it is mounted on the ceiling.

Aircon Maintenance

You should maintain your aircon since it may help your air conditioner last longer. In addition, yearly system maintenance or regular aircon general service is required for some manufacturers and repair guarantees. We provide a variety of yearly maintenance plans to meet different budgets and requirements.

Aircon Repair in Singapore

Our specialists show how the most frequent reasons for central air conditioning failures may be remedied. If you fail to provide central air-conditioning during a hot wave, you may have to wait several days for an air-conditioning expert, and you will probably spend at least several hundred for this repair. Suppose you are residing in Singapore and looking for cheap air conditioning services. In that case, we are in the correct position since we are Singapore’s best carrier air conditioner repair and service market.

When Aircon Needs Repair?

Following are some problems when aircon needs repair;

Aircon Leaking Water

Your air conditioner uses coolant to cool your house and may create condensation as it works. However, neither liquid should accumulate or seep into your house. Pooled water or an active air conditioner leak is a significant indication that your cooling system is not functioning correctly.

Aircon Blinking

Aircon blinking is usually an aircon repair indication when the equipment has been identified with an internal problem. Most Aircon manufacturers fitted their gadgets to signal an internal fault that has to be repaired by the aircon.

Your Air Conditioner is Not Cold.

If your air conditioner is turned on and your thermostat is adjusted correctly, you may have a filthy or clogged air condenser, but your system does not refresh. Your first step is to inspect the outside unit, clean it up, and remove any waste or weeds that impede air circulation. Perhaps you may need  aircon gas top up service.

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