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Wooden Door

Wooden Door

Wooden Door

A wooden door is a solid wall of wood. Wooden doors are usually made of thick plies of wood which can be planed. They are not highly valued because they are easy to make, and the growth rate is limited by the width of the tree trunk. A wooden door can be used for privacy, decoration, or security purposes. It adds to the personality of an exterior space, making it unique and personal. Wooden doors can be destroyed by a fire or a storm, and many times it is difficult to replace them. However, a replacement does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can replace your old wooden door with a cheaper wooden door that will last just as long as the first one. Please kindly contact us for free quote of wooden door replacement. Below are type of the wooden doors we supply and install.


Types Of Wooden Doors

The most common types of wooden doors are: front door, back door, kitchen door. These doors can be made of solid wood or veneered with a variety of materials.

1.Wooden Sliding Door

Sliding doors walk on top and bottom tracks equipped with metal, wood, or vinyl. Stickers may be changed to make it easier to slide gates, and plastic tracks, if not already present, can be added so that the doors remain vertically and aligned on the trails.

2.Wooden Bifold Door

Bifold doors are considerably more than the regular home renovation. BIFOLD doors may affect your living quality, from natural light and fresh air to the seamless merging of inside and outside, not to mention your house’s potential additional worth.

3.Wooden Folding Door

Folding doors are a precise design and sophisticated engineering where panels of doors are folded and opened together. Most of these doors are wood, metal, or UPVC and glass for improved view and ventilation.

4.Wood Door with Glass

The door frame is wood, and the shutter panels are inserted made of wood, plated wood, rigid board, etc. Panels may be made of glass, although wood is what you see most often.

5.Wooden Toilet Door

Wooden toilet doors come back to make them an excellent option for bathrooms with their distinguishing features.

6.Wooden Louver Doors

Inner louver doors are constructed of a stylish and rail frame with horizontal hardwood lattices (known as louvers) panel regions. When excellent ventilation is essential, Louver doors are most frequently utilized in closets, wardrobes, and washing room applications.

7.Wooden Laminated Doors

The material produced from the compression of the MDF fire tree is further crushed with cardboard for a laminate. This is not the sole procedure, though. Laminate doors are incredibly long-lasting.

8. Wooden French Doors

Double doors are typically constructed of solid wood, while French doors are made of glass panes which allow natural light to fill the area.

9.Wooden Swing Door

Swing doors are characterized by swinging in any direction. They are utilized in all-glass systems and more and more in the kitchens for passages. Because when you do not have a free hand to open or shut a door, they are ideal.

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