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Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

Regular maintenance, while it helps to clean away the dirt in your aircon, may not be that efficient in getting rid of the gunk collected and trapped in your condenser, filer, and evaporator coil of your aircon. Further, having incorrect cleaning methods may cause serious harm to the interior components. In this post, we will discuss when you need an aircon chemical wash.


What is Chemical Wash?

In essential words, chemical wash is cleaning the interior components of an air conditioner using chemicals.

The procedure includes removing the internal components, including the air flowing, filters, and compressor, and submerging them in a chemical solution. It helps to remove any clinging dirt particles and corrosive acids from the interior components.

The experts may also cleanse the interior drainage pipes with a chemical solution. To obtain the most significant advantages of aircon cleaning, you need to choose a recognized firm with years of expertise in offering aircon maintenance in Singapore.


Benefits of Chemical Wash

If you are not persuaded why a chemical wash should take place, look at the following benefits. The Chemical wash has many benefits which are discussed below: The product is more effective than any other air conditioning cleaner. It is able to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from the air conditioning system. It helps in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Regular chemical wash of your air conditioner saves you a lot on energy consumption as a clean unit can work better and more efficiently. Chemical wash of your air conditioners also helps in increasing the life of the parts as they are not corroding or wearing out as fast as they would have done without regular chemical washes.


Improves Air Quality

After a chemical cleaning, your system breaths air new and clean. An enhanced indoor air quality helps avoid respiratory illnesses or other health risks from low-quality indoor air. Aircon chemical wash is a solution that helps to improve air quality by removing any build-up of harmful chemicals in your air conditioning system, and the results are instant and impressive. The most common issue with air conditioner systems is that they can become clogged up with dirt and dust, which consequently damages the efficiency of the AC unit. This is often caused by people use their ACs in an un-hygienic way or by not changing their filters on a regular basis. A lack of airflow means that harmful bacteria like Legionella can grow and create an environment where it’s easier for viruses to spread.


Extends Your AC Life

Regular maintenance and chemical washing help to keep your air conditioner operating for years to come. It helps to prevent expensive air condition maintenance every few months. There are many reasons why we should wash our AC. One of the most important reasons is extending your AC life and maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your AC system. Washing your AC with a cleaning service will help you to extend its life by removing contaminants that could cause permanent damage to the system. Chemical spray cleaners can also be used to remove some debris that cannot be reached by sponge or cloth as well as leaving a protective coat on the surface of the equipment.


Saves Electricity

Chemical washing helps you improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. You can easily save a lot on your energy costs in the long term. The right maintenance for your air conditioner can save you a significant amount of money each year. A lot of people don’t realise that their aircon has a chemical wash function that cleans the chemicals that get inside the air conditioning unit. This means that you can have an aircon chemical wash where your technician will inject a certain type of chemical into the unit and then drain out the solution, replacing it with water to rinse away any residual chemicals.


Performance Improvement

Filter blockages, evaporator spools, and drainage pipelines may have an impact on your AC performance. You can make your AC function as new with a chemical overhaul. Chemical cleaning also reduces your AC condensation rate.


Aircon Chemical Wash Price

An aircon chemical wash in Singapore is a helpful way of maintaining a high-efficiency air conditioner or fixing a non-cold air conditioning issue. Our chemical cleaning may remove obstinate filth at a reasonable cost within your air conditioning machine. One unit Chemical washing pricing is between $80 and $100. If compare to aircon overhaul The fan coil, electronic control, and other air condition components need removal the aircon  price rises between $150 and $200 depends on the type and size of the aircon unit.


Price of Chemical Wash Aircon Compressor

It will cost around $60 to $70 to wash an air conditioner chemical. It may cost a lot more to commercial units if they can only do it at night. For a condensing unit to be moved in. It usually costs between $150 and $200.


What is Happening During a Cleaning Service?

Your air conditioning unit is wholly dismantled during a chemical cleaning procedure. This is done so that the chemical agent may clean each component of the device. We remove each component and plunge it into the chemical to dissolve everything stored up over the years, including airborne germs, dust, and grime. Your pipes and drains will also flush with our solution to make sure everything is clean.

We suggest a chemical cleaning service once a year for air conditioners that need it. When you plan a chemical flush in the spring, we also offer additional regular maintenance so that your air conditioner is running fresh. We usually check controllers and thermostats, check your coolant level and charge it if necessary, and inspect your equipment in general. It nearly means killing two stone birds or refreshing two air-conditioned rooms that you can accomplish if you serve it at least once a year.

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