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Electrician Services

Electrician Services

PS Home Maintenance offers all electrical services in Singapore at the lowest cost. Our electrical services include power trip solving problems, installation of a plug point, etc. For additional information and a quotation, read more about our services below or contact us today. If you require an electrical installation or repair, our electricians can perform it at a reasonable price. PS home maintenance offers the most advanced power socket, electric switch, house rehabilitation, power train Singapore, circuit breaker, electrical outlets, distribution box, and DB box installation and repair services. People might indeed encounter electrical problems in their HDB. However, many individuals do not know if their problems are essential or must be handled quickly. The first step is always to attempt to diagnose the issue alone or with the assistance of an HDB electrician. Individuals often want an HDB electrician to assist since there is a shortage of technical expertise.

Our most often demanded service is electrical installation services. Some of our electric fixtures include power points, switches, lights, ceiling fans, and water heaters installed by our electros every day. Whether you have these power supplies in place and have them installed or need us to provide them, we can assist.


Electrical Contractor Singapore

Our technicians are qualified to do various electrical services and repairs. They assist you in discovering and fix electrical issues. Electrical wiring, power transfers, and electrical installations are available. PS Home Maintenance Company offers various companies employees and vehicles headed by pleasant and professional experts. Kindly contact our staff through our contact page if you would like to talk to our employees about our business and marketing services. Alternately, you may request that our experts meet at your leisure. Must know Singapore electrician suggested here. We provides the electrical serviecs as below :


Lighting Installation Services

The installation of new lighting in a room is an excellent method to enhance the beauty and usefulness of a room. If you want new lights at a reasonable price, we can assist.

We can help. You already do not require new light bulbs and fittings since our business has partnerships with leading lighting wholesalers. This means that we can source you gorgeous light items and have them installed properly in your house at direct supplier pricing.


Rewiring Services

Reconfiguration is a sensitive job, and a skilled electrician needs to carry it out. Over time, your house matures, and the components are placed there. The cables may eventually lead to power transfers, odors burning, and broken wires. These problems may lead to severe safety risks if rewired.

Would you please make a free on-site assessment of our electricians to get a free quote for the cleaning up of your property? It is compulsory, so it is entirely up to you whether or not you decide to proceed with our services.


Power Socket Installation

Power sockets keep our gadgets and devices operating during the day. However, the number of power outlets accessible in most rooms is insufficient for every individual with so many gadgets. There is a better long-term solution instead of depending on untidy additional connections and wires to address the issue. By adding new electrical outlets, you not only unlock your living and work area but make charging simple and easy for years to come.


Light Switch Installation

Switches manage the flow of current in an electrical circuit and are positioned in handy locations in an area to control lights, equipment, and water heaters. When new devices such as lights or water heaters are installed, they need to be connected to a new switch. Our staff can assist if you need a switch fitted or if the old one is replaced.


Wall Fan Installation

Installing the Wall fan needs no professional assistance, just the use of the appropriate equipment. Ensure you’re installing a wall ventilator utilizing a stable and sturdy step stool if the mounting is beyond your reach.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Decken fan installation is becoming common at home and on business sites nowadays, as Singaporeans realize that a ceiling fan is an excellent way to cool the site without spending too much power. The fan is installed on the ceiling such that the fan blows air from top to bottom.


Exhaust Fan Installation

The modest exhaust fan typically doesn’t receive the attention he deserves. Exhaust fans may make the rooms much more agreeable, comfy, and healthful. The ventilators offer essential airflow to places in the house when no ventilation is required.


Storage Water Heater Installation

Our storage heater installation services are highly regarded and trustworthy, with more than ten years of expertise. Well-trained and skilled experts conduct installation work. We offer our customers one heater storage and installation service to save them from the difficulty of dealing with many suppliers.


Instant Water Heater Installation

Like most tank-free systems running on natural gas, carbon monoxide leaks are possible. This is one of the significant hazards of water heaters without tanks. Ensure appropriate maintenance of the gas system.

Our business provides a guarantee for the services performed. We specialize in delivering high-quality electricity at the cheapest rates. Whether you have a loose socket, a defective light switch, or issues with the fuse box, we are your electricians. Working with your electricity may be difficult and hazardous, so let’s assist!


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