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Aluminium Door

Aluminium Door

Aluminium Door

Aluminium doors are beautiful, sleek and can offer protection against burglary, fire or other disasters. They are often made to match the style of your home. But it is important to know their limitations before installing them on your own. If you’re looking for protection against burglaries, fires or other disasters, you might want to install an aluminium door. Aluminium doors are often made to match the style of your home and can be great for aesthetics – but there are some limitations that you’ll need to be aware of before installing one on your own. Please kindly contact us for free quote of aluminium door replacement. Below are type of the aluminium doors we supply and install.


Aluminium Slide and Swing Door

The Aluminium Slide and Swing Door is a door that can be opened in two ways. It has one side that slides open and the other swings open. The door is made of aluminium, which makes it lightweight and easy to install. The sliding side is half the height of the swinging side, so there are no obstacles when opening them. This design was created with an aim to save space so it can be used in homes, hotels, offices or any other place where space is limited


Aluminium Folding Door

Aluminium folding door is a perfect choice for tight spaces. It takes up less space when open and gives the illusion of more space due to its design. The advantage of aluminium folding door is that it does not require any additional hardware to install. Moreover, the surface is easy to clean and it does not corrode or rust. Folding doors are not just an aesthetically pleasing design, they are also practical in the sense that they save on space and provide easy access to spaces. They can be built into any existing door frame and can be installed in just a couple of hours.


Aluminium Sliding Door

Aluminum sliding door is a very popular choice among the homeowners who are on a tight budget. They are durable and remarkably affordable. Today, there are many different styles of aluminum sliding doors to choose from on the market. From the classic style to the modern style, you can find one that suits your preference. Aluminum sliding doors make a great choice for those who want their house to have an updated look without spending too much money.


Aluminium Louver Door

Aluminum louver doors are often a specialized product that installers may easily miss. Still, they are frequently commercial door goods, which are glazed instead of glass units or aluminum panels with the appropriate louver system. Aluminum Louvres in various kinds and designs are available. Aluminium louvers provide a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing door. Aluminium louvers have been around for a long time now. They have been used as doors in different buildings, including homes and offices. However, they are not just a door that can be used to enter a building or a room, but also as an additional protection against the cold weathers.


Aluminium Bathroom Door


An aluminium bathroom door is a must-have for your home. The strong and durable metal will not rust, rot or corrode even after years of use. It is also lightweight and easy to clean. There are different types of doors that can be found in the market. These types include sliding doors, hinged doors, swing doors and bi-folding doors among many others. A sliding door is a great option if you want to free up space in your bathroom as it does not occupy much space when opened, unlike the other types of door mentioned above. Hinged and swing doors are better for homes with small spaces as these two types can be opened without occupying any space. Bi-folding doors are suitable for those who have larger bathrooms


Aluminium Kitchen Door

An aluminium kitchen door is a type of sliding door that has an aluminium frame and a PVC or rubber linings. The sliding door can be opened in two ways: manually or with the help of a power-operated system. It is used for kitchen, bathroom, pantry storage cupboard, laundry room or even for commercial spaces such as hotel kitchens. The aluminium kitchen doors are available in many different colors and powder coat finishes to suit your personal style preference. They are also easy to maintain with regular cleaning since they are water-resistant and resistant to corrosion.


Aluminium Screen Door

A screen door is a type of door that is attached to the frame of a house or other building. It can be used for either ventilation or security. The aluminium screen door is a retractable screen door made from an aluminum frame and available in two colors, white and black. The benefit of the aluminum screen door is that it provides a barrier between insects and people during the summer months when insects are especially prevalent, but in colder months the user may want to be able to see through it.


Aluminium French Door

The aluminium is a strong and light metal, and is the most commonly used in the manufacture of aluminium doors. The door is made of two panels that are mounted into the frame. The frame can be made with different materials including steel or timber. French doors provide an easy way to get in and out of a room, and they also allow more natural light to enter a room than single doors. A French door has two separate panels which open “inwards” from the middle, unlike a single door which opens “outwards”.


Aluminium Casement Door

The aluminum casement door is an attractive and versatile option for those looking to replace their existing home entrance. The casement door opens outwards and can be left open until it is closed. It will fit well into any style of home due to the varied designs available. A aluminum casement door usually requires less space than an inward-opening swinging door, which also makes it easier for wheelchair users to pass through. It can also be used as an emergency exit as it’s easier to escape from the building in case of fire or other emergency.




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