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Sliding Door

Sliding Door

Sliding Door

A sliding door is typically parallel to the wall, opens horizontally. Sliding doors may either be placed on a track below or hung from away above. Most doors pull out. Some of them contain a retention mechanism that must first be removed. You’ll probably have to level entries with integrated adjusters to suit the frame and check whether the latch hardware still aligns. Sliding doors are found in many homes, offices, and public buildings. They can be used to divide rooms or provide privacy. The sliding door causes one side to remain open while the other remains closed. Sliding doors are a relatively new invention and this design makes them easy to open and close. These doors can be found in any house and they work with the help of an electric motor. The sliding door is a door with two panels that slide on rails or runners, usually located at the top or bottom, or both of the sides of a doorway. A sliding door is one of the most common types of interior doors today


Types of Sliding Doors

  • Sliding Mirror Doors
  • Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors
  • Kitchen Sliding Door
  • Locking Sliding Door
  • Wooden Sliding Door
  • Pocket Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Bedroom Doors
  • Frameless Sliding Glass Door
  • Kitchen Sliding Glass Door
  • Sliding Door For Kitchen Entrance
  • Top Hung Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Doors For Rooms
  • Trackless Sliding Door
  • Sliding Cupboard Doors
  • Sliding French Doors
  • Hidden Sliding Door
  • Tempered Glass Sliding Door
  • Sliding Closet Doors


Sliding Glass Door

There are several types of sliding glass doors, but they all share the same basic idea. These doors are made to slide on a track that is attached to each side of the door. Sliding glass doors are mostly used in the home or commercial setting. They are most often found in modern homes with wood paneling or paneled walls where it’s difficult to install regular door hardware because of their aesthetic nature.

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are the most popular type of doors available in the market today. They are usually used as a high-quality and low-maintenance option for commercial and residential buildings. The popularity of these sliding aluminum doors is due to its highly efficient use of space. One can also find different styles and sizes, which make it easy for homeowners and businesses to choose the perfect aluminum sliding door for their needs. Aluminum sliding doors offer a variety of benefits such as energy efficiency, water resistance, thermal insulation, soundproofing, etc.

Sliding Bathroom Door


The traditional door that separates the bathroom from the bedroom is not only functional, but also one of the most attractive features of any bathroom. This wood-framed door spreads light and creates an airy feel to the room. The sliding bathroom door is a great addition to any home. It adds privacy while keeping in mind safety concerns for children who are constantly growing. The small size of this type of doors makes it possible to install them in bathrooms where space is limited or in places where there are no other options for storage or design reasons. Sliding Bathroom Doors are designed to be versatile, whether you need them for privacy, safety, or convenience. With a wide range of colors and styles available, you can find what you need for your home!

Sliding Folding Door

A sliding folding door can be used in many different ways. It can be used in a home, an office or a hotel room. They come in various sizes and colors and are usually made out of steel or aluminum. A folding door is a type of door that consists of two pieces of metal which are hinged at the top and slide to allow the door to fold in half. Folding doors are often used for clothiers, warehouses or retail outlets. It allows people to enter or exit without having to open the whole door.

Sliding Wardrobe Door

Sliding wardrobe doors allow plenty of natural light and ventilation, and they can be built out of any material. It is easy to create a sliding door with just a few materials. The concept of sliding wardrobe doors is not new, but the idea is steadily becoming more popular as more people are realizing that they can be installed at virtually any location. They can easily be added to an existing room or remodeled into a completely new space. Wardrobe doors also provide extra storage space for clothing and shoes, making it easy to keep the things we need close by and keep our clothes organized in one place. Doors in the sliding wardrobe utilize a track system to ‘slide’ open and shut. They may give a modern sense to the closets or create a contemporary design in a room, but a routed door can achieve a classic appearance. Sliding doors may also be included in a robe walk.

Sliding Bifold Door

A sliding bifold door has two sets of panels that slide up and down on a rail. It can be opened and closed to give access to the inside and outside of the building. A sliding bifold door is a popular choice for those who need an efficient way to open and close their doors without having to go through the hassle of using an external lever or handle. It is also a popular option for those who need to make their entrance discreet.

Acrylic Sliding Door

Today’s homes are using sliding doors for their entryways. They provide convenience and also allow the homeowners to enjoy the view of their outdoor spaces. Sliding doors offer a variety of benefits that justify their higher cost than other types of doors. These benefits include, but are not limited to, security, energy efficiency, ease-of-use, style and design. Acrylic sliding door is becoming more popular with the use of acrylic in its construction. This type of window is designed with an attractive look that can be customized according to the homeowners’ needs. Acrylic is a transparent plastic substance with excellent strength, rigidity, and optical clarity. The acrylic sheet has a quality of glass—clearness, brightness, and transparency—but half the weight and the resistance to effects of glass many times.

Balcony Sliding Door

A balcony sliding door creates a neat, clean, airy space in the home, while giving you an easy access to the outside. Sliding doors are primarily made of glass panels that are hinged on one side and extend to reveal a passageway or opening into the garden or other outside area. The glass panels can be quickly opened and closed by using a handle at each end. Sliding doors are installed primarily to provide an easy way for your guests to come inside with ease and also provide easy access for you when you want to go outside. They can also be used as a temporary cover when you do not have time for installing another permanent solution such as installing a patio door or window in your living room or bedroom if it is located on the same level as these space

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