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Aircon Overhaul

Aircon Overhaul

Aircon Overhaul

Aircon overhaul is used as an air conditioning or repair technique. If you notice a cooling, a loud noise, or leaking water in your air conditioner, you may have to undergo a repair. Each component of the aircon was removed, cleaned, repaired, and replaced. Our experts can inform you whether your equipment requires a complete overhaul or just a chemical cleaning.

If you have difficulties with the operation of your air conditioner, you should contact a technically competent person immediately. Delaying the required service may exacerbate the issue further.

Importance of Overhauling Your Air Conditioner Unit

When the aircon is regularly overhauled, the device delivers remarkably and at top performance for a long time. There are several reasons that you should repair your air conditioner. Some of these are given below.

  • Service overhaul guarantees that the unit operates at the top level when necessary. The unit’s frequent service also makes it more energy-efficient. The experts have pointed out that the air conditioner loses around 5 percent of its efficiency when overhaul is neglected every year. The unit loses further efficiency after three or more years and decreases to about 15 percent.
  • Overhaul guarantees the provision of safe, clean, and fresh air for extended life. A decent air conditioning guarantees that clean and fresh air flows effectively in your home and thus gives your family comfort. Consider chemical overhaul for optimal results: re-conditions and air conditioning are comprehensive.

What is a Chemical Overhaul?


There are many ways to clean your air conditioner, but chemical overhaul is one of the most effective methods. It works by applying a water-based foam cleaner to the inside of your unit and waiting for it to break down all the dirt and gunk. To restore their optimum efficiency, Aircon chemical rework is carried out on air conditioners. It also guarantees that the aircraft is cleaned correctly to prevent water leaks that would lead to air conditioner repairs in the future.

Chemical Overhaul Aircon Price

A chemical overhaul is often utilized if your system needs a more profound degree than routine maintenance or chemical cleaning. It includes disassembling the whole machine and cleaning every component with a chemical wash.

Because more time is spent and skill is necessary, revision costs are typically more than chemical laundry, and prices in Singapore vary from, The pricing for 1 unit fan coil is $120 to $180. Six or more fan coil units cost between $90 and $120 each.

Why is Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price above Regular Aircon Cleaning and Aircon Chemical Washing in Singapore?

A chemical overhaul of air conditioning costs more than regular air conditioning since a complete cleaning needs the complete disconnection and removal of the individual air conditioning units and many additional procedures, as described above. It increases the performance of your device and makes it appear brand new.

Cheap Aircon Overhaul Singapore.

we provide regular, air-conditioned service experiences in Singapore. Our cheap air conditioners services include cleaning the front panel and covering fans tray, cleaning and drying filters, fan blowers for cleaning, cleaning trays, cools for dust chilling, drain removal, and water inspection units. Cheap air conditioning professionals perform more than this work, and our goal is to maintain your business and house free from air conditioning, dirt, and water.

When Do You Need an Aircon Overhaul?

When summer comes, many people want to remain in cool houses: that is why many homes worldwide are equipped with air conditioning units. It is advantageous and practical to repair, maintain, and operate your system in order, not only for the resale value of your home but also for the hottest days of the year. Trained experts have consistently overhauled your device for you. Just search for someone trustworthy on the Internet and pick a day that works best for you.

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