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Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

When you prepare your next step, you may worry about how you would pack some of your most incredible things and valuables. Many of these things may be too heavy, oversized, delicate, or very precious for you to deal with yourself without the danger of harm or damage to yourself. It is better to leave it to the experts for these kinds of movements. For problematic goods, like electronics, heavy-duty equipment, we provide furniture assembly and disassembly services. While we may use movement equipment, our team does not detach or reconnect any gas, water, or electricity lines due to responsibility and safety considerations. After a qualified trader disconnect, our crew can transfer appliances securely to your new house.

Experts in mechanical assembly put together a wide variety of ready-to-assemble goods and furnishings. If you have the item at home, they’ll go to work immediately. Or you may ask for it if you need help gathering and moving your furniture. Some frequent requests for furniture assembly are for a better understanding of what they can create here: Once we reach your new location, our specialists will ensure that everything we took apart is assembled. Just show us where everything goes to be sure that everything will be kept in the room. It makes it simpler for you to acquire your new house before you go. We provide furniture installation services to our customers at meager prices.


Our Services

We provide short-and long-term storage options if you have something too big for your house or do not need it immediately. We’ll locate you in the appropriate warehouse near where you live. If you need assistance with IKEA installation, we’ve got your back! Put a job on our platform, and a home furniture assembly service will be provided to you by your professional.

The following is the service we offer in the assembling of furniture;

  • Assembly service for flat packages
  • Assembly wardrobe service
  • Assembly service Ikea
  • Assembly service Taobao
  • Assembly of bunk beds
  • Assembly of the Ikea couch
  • Assembly of the bed frame


Furniture Disassembly services

We can disassemble whatever you have. This covers anything from bed frames to bookshelves, desktops to furnishings for the patio. It guarantees that whatever you have can fit through the doors and the vehicle. You won’t have anything to dismantle yourself. We will arrive with all the equipment necessary to separate stuff. We also make sure that everything is packaged correctly using our packaging services to not break during shipment. It also makes it simpler for big, voluminous, and strange shapes to be correctly packed and delivered with our customized crating. Before you enter the truck, vases, paintings, and other objects may be created to arrive in the same state as when you leave your home.

We provide the following services in disassembly services for furniture;

  • Removal of bed frame service
  • Disassemble the service of Ikea furniture
  • Disassembly of the sofa
  • Service dismantling Ikea
  • Installation of IKEA cabinet
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