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Toilet Door

The Aluminum Bifold Door replacement is always the best choice for the Singapore toilet door. Our Aluminum Bifold Door is constructed from aluminum, acrylic, and Teflon rollers folded in half to lead the Bifold door down the bottom track. Aluminum slide and swing door: The most acceptable option for replacing your toilet door is waterproof compared to wooden doors. This kind of door is not only the ideal choice for your toilet but also your kitchen entrance. Please kindly contact us for free quote of toilet door replacement. Below are type of the toilet doors we supply and install.


Types of Toilet Door

There are many typs of toilet door in Singapore. The sliding toilet door is a type of toilet door that slides open and closed. The sliding toilet doors are also known as the privacy doors which can be used in public restrooms. The folding doors use hinges to fold up in the corner when not in use which offers privacy to the user. The bifold door is a partition that separates the toilets. They are often seen in public toilets since they offer much more privacy than other doors. PVC doors are plastic panels with similar design as wooden framed doors but they are made of PVC material which makes them much easier to clean than wood framing.

1. Toilet Sliding Door

This sliding door is popular with tiny and narrow areas where a conventional swinging door does not have enough room. For example, a small bathroom or half a bathroom, half a bathroom, closets, laundry rooms, and home offices may be built with pocket doors. The toilet sliding door is a new innovation of the toilet. It’s an alternative to the conventional toilet door. This type of door is used to hide the toilet from view. This type of design can be found in Singapore, which was installed at the National University of Singapore, and at other locations in Asia that are not disclosed by their owners. This innovation reduces the space needed for a bathroom or provides more space for other purposes. It also promotes the hygiene of bathrooms as there are no spaces on hinges or handles where germs can accumulate.


2. HDB Toilet Door

HDB Aluminum Slide & Swing Door is currently the most popular homeowner choice because it utilizes the slide and swing idea to provide additional room for your toilet. The HDB toilet door is a critical part of the toilet set-up. The door can be either fixed or folding. Fixed doors are typically used to provide privacy for the bathers and to prevent water from splashing out during flushing. Folding doors are more common in smaller toilets, but also provide some degree of privacy by folding backwards against the wall when not in use. The door hinges are generally on one side or at both ends, thus creating a paneled or panelless configuration respectively.


3. Bifold Toilet Door


We all know that we can never fully close a toilet door. It just doesn’t work no matter how hard we try. That’s because the hinges are on the outside of the doorframe. However, if you have a bifold toilet door, you can finally get your privacy and get it done in peace!

Bifold Toilet Door – The Good: One of the main advantages of these doors is their ability to provide privacy, which is something that most people crave when using a public restroom. They also seem to be more durable than your standard non-bifold doors.

The Bad: When it comes to price, this option will cost you a bit more money up front and they’re not going to last as long as your standard non-bifold doors either.


4. PVC Toilet Door

A PVC toilet door is an accessory to the toilet that provides privacy while still allowing ventilation. It’s common for people to install these doors when they are remodeling their bathroom or upgrading their plumbing. This is because they are inexpensive and easy to install. PVC toilet doors are usually made from high-density polyvinyl chloride, which is also known as PVC. This material is popular because it’s durable, relatively light weight, and usually comes in a variety of different colors.


5. Toilet Glass Door

Frosted glass is produced by a sandstorm or acidic etching process leading to a transparent and hazy glass surface. Glass doors for a toilet have become a popular trend with the rise in bathroom design. These doors offer a more modern and luxurious feel to the bathroom. The frosted glass doors can be either an opaque or transparent glass, which offers privacy while also allowing light in the room. Some of the most common types of frosted glass are Plain frosted glass, Duplex frosted glass, Pebble frosted glass & Etched frosted glass.


6. Folding Toilet Door

Folding doors for bathrooms are all appropriate. In reality, you can put any door in your bathroom while you have space and money – everything comes down to personal taste. The folding toilet door provides an easy and quick access to the toilet. It saves the space by folding the door when not in use. The PVC bifold toilet door provides high quality glass for an increased aesthetic appeal. It also features a smooth folding mechanism that allows for easy maintenance. The Folding Toilet Door is designed to provide functionality and convenience at an affordable price. It’s perfect for smaller spaces or guest rooms where space is at a premium.


7. Modern Toilet Door

Most of the contemporary toilet door is composed of stainless steel. Modern toilet doors in various sizes, colors, forms, and according to your needs, are available. Modern toilet door design is a revolution in the history of bathroom doors. It has become a trend among the modern homeowners. The change of design started to happen after people lost interest in old-fashioned bathroom doors. Possible reasons for this change include: The need to maintain privacy in toilet rooms and changing rooms: Privacy is becoming more and more important in our society, which makes modern toilet doors more popular than ever before.


8. Aluminum Toilet Door

Aluminum is highly moisture and humidity-resistant. This makes it one of the finest materials for bathroom doors since it is not harmed by excessive water spills and moisture in the bathrooms. Aluminum Toilet Door is the latest in home decor and bathroom furnishings. We can offer a variety of options when it comes to this product, from soft-close hinges to the color of the door. Aluminum Toilet Doors are manufactured from a solid aluminum plate, which is then cut to size and shaped according to specifications. A clear anodized or powder coated finish is applied for protection or decoration.

We use a special manufacturing process that gives our Aluminum Toilet Doors their durable and scratch resistant finish, meaning you can confidently enjoy your toilet door for years without worrying about it scratching, blunting or peeling. The many colors available in our finishes make it easy for you to find one that will complement your existing decorating style.


9. PD Toilet Door

PD Toilet Door operates on a simple slide and swing mechanism that allows the door to be expanded to the width of a standard doorway while the swing zone is very tiny. PD Toilet Doors are designed to provide privacy for people using the toilet. The doors typically close after the person has entered the toilet. The doors may be left open for children, disabled or elderly people, or people who want to keep an eye on their children. There are many different types of PD Toilets door available including louvre and folding toilet door designs.


10. Aluminum Swing Toilet Door

The aluminum swing door consists of aluminum frames and is suitable for entry to the service courtyard, the entrance of the kitchen, outside, and bathroom. There are many benefits of using the aluminum swing door. One of the most significant advantages is that this type of door is lightweight. This means that they are easy to install and easy to handle. Aluminum swing doors are great for first-time home owners, as they are often cost-effective, durable, functional and stylish. They also offer an excellent combination of features that can be found in other types of doors, such as wooden swing doors for example. The aluminum swing door has a myriad of benefits which make it one of the best types available on the market today.


11. Frosted Glass Toilet Door

Frozen glass is produced via a sandblasting or acid grafting technique. As glass cannot rust or red, it offers a clean, mold-free surface and adds to the bathroom a contemporary appearance. Doors are one of the first impressions that people have on a new house. For this reason, homeowners take care in selecting all of their doors. Frosted glass doors are an example of a door that has become popular in recent years. They provide a sense of luxury and elegance without being too overbearing about it. The frosted glass door is a clear example of how much design has changed in recent years to accommodate to changing customer needs and tastes. The frosted glass door provides a sleek, modern look while still being practical enough to use as a bathroom door or sliding door at home.


12. Louvre Toilet Door

The Louver doors are traditional, adding a unique aesthetic attraction from the conventional PVC doors. The Louvre door is a bathroom door that has louvers on the top and bottom. They are designed to provide privacy for those who use the restroom. A lot of people say that this is a terrible design, because it doesn’t serve its intended purpose as well as it should. This type of door is available in many different shapes and size to meet the needs of different bathroom layouts. People say that this type of design isn’t as popular as it used to be, but there are still some designers who prefer them over other styles.


13. Toilet Swing Door

Swing doors are characterized by swinging in any direction. They are utilized in all-glass systems and more and more in the kitchens for passages. Because when you do not have a free hand to open or shut a door, they are ideal. The toilet swing door is specially designed to be installed onto the wall above the toilet. It swings open to allow easy access for children or disabled persons, and swings closed for privacy. The swing door can be installed on either side of the toilet depending on what your needs are. The hinges are located on the bottom, which means that there is no need for a gap between floor and door trim.This design makes it easy for children or disabled persons to use without any assistance from other people.

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