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Door Knob / Handles Replacement

Door Knob / Handles Replacement

Door Knob & Handles Replacement

Door handles are typically made of plastic, metal, wood, or glass. They are often round in shape with a handle to open the door. Door handles are mainly used for decorative purposes and security. However, they can also be used as an emergency exit if the door is not locked.

There are many factors which affect the design of door handles; one of them is the safety of the doors themselves. For example, if you were planning on installing a child-proof lock on your doors then you might want to find a handle that is easy for children to operate but difficult for adults to do so. Door handle replacement has been a major concern for many homeowners. There are days when you have to knock on the door to be let in by your guests. Having a handle that is difficult for people to open can be a major inconvenience.

Type of Handles / Knob

When it comes to choosing the right type of handle, there are two types – knob and lever. Lever handles are known for their durability. They are very sturdy and last for a long time. You can use them without worrying about them breaking or wearing out. These handles work by twisting your hand in order to get the door unlocked. However, they are not for everyone because they require more energy to unlock the door. Knobs are more common in modern homes because they are easier to use than levers. They work by you simply turning your hand in order to get the door open. Knobs can be found on both exterior doors and interior doors but levers can only be found on exterior doors because they require more strength to open up a door from the outside of a building.

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles are an important part of cabinet design and style. They enable the cabinet to be opened and closed. Cabinet handles come in a range of styles and can be considered as a decorative detail for cabinets. The type of handle should be selected based on the desired overall design look, which is determined by the existing décor. There are several types of handles that can be used on cabinets, including: knobs, levers, push-pulls or fold-over types. Knobs require less clearance than levers or push-pulls in order to function properly with doors. Lever handles are generally used with large pieces of furniture because they offer more leverage when opening the door. Push-pulls are best for smaller furniture with narrow openings between the door and cabinet shelves.

Wardrobe Handle

Wardrobe handle is a handle that can be fitted onto the wardrobe door. The purpose of this knob is to provide the user with an easy way to open or close the door without having to touch it. The Wardrobe Knob has a magnetic strip on one side which attaches to the door. This strip is lined with small magnets so that when you put it up against the door, they attach together and create a static seal. When you want to open the wardrobe, all you need do is pull on the loop which will release all of these little magnets and allow you to open your wardrobe without touching anything.

Kitchen Door Handle

Kitchen door handles are an essential part of your kitchen. They not only look good but also serve a functional purpose. Different kinds of door handles are available in the market. Some are made of metal while others are made up of other materials like plastic or wood. They come in different shapes, designs and colors too that will fit into any kind of kitchen setting. A number of ways are available to repair your old kitchen door handles. One way is to fill in any dings or scratches with wood putty and then sand it down so that it blends in with your other painted surfaces. You should also take care not to mix other colors into your paint when you’re painting over any scratches. Another way is by using a wire brush to scrub off any peels of paint and then applying fresh coats of paint that matches the rest

Sliding Door Handle


Sliding door handles are a new and innovative way of opening and closing doors. They offer a way to open and close the door with just one hand. One has to simply slide the handle in order to open or close the door. The sliding door handle is a metal or plastic bar mounted on the inside of a door, and slides or rotates so that the operator can easily open and close the door. The most common form is a metal bar mounted on the upper track, with an inverted ‘U’ at one end to hook over the top of the lower track. The lower track can be long or short depending on whether it goes all the way to floor, or if it only runs for about half its length.

Lever Door Handle

A lever door handle is a door handle that is used to open and close the door. The user will be able to push the lever to open the door. It’s a popular design for doors in residential homes, but lever door handles have also been used in many other buildings such as offices, hotels, hospitals, factories and schools. Lever Door Handle are widely used at home because they are easy to use and it requires less force to open or close the door. The use of this type of handle has been increasing over the years because of its benefits.

Wooden Door Handle

The wooden door handle is a door knob that is made of wood and metal. The most common design is to have the metal fitting at the back, with the wood fitting coming out on the front of the door. The steel handles on these doors are also known as bootjacks, because they were often used in dairy farms to help people remove their boots. These handles can be found in many homes today, and there are even some that have been custom made for specific purposes such as bars or kitchens.

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