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Door Repair

Door Repair

If your door is not working propertly, you will need to get it repaired. Door repair can be done by a skilled craftsman. It is not a difficult task to complete. In the event that one needs to get a professional to complete this task, it will not be too expensive.

Like a shattered glass that makes the water imperfect, the whole house is dry and unsightly by a broken door. We offers you the correct price for repairing the door by the finest handyman. Our skilled workers are outstanding and well-trained. Do you require a Singapore door repair service? This door repair business has served Singaporeans’ door requirements for many years and is renowned for providing excellent service. We provide the below door repair services :

Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors are very popular in homes because they are easy to use and offer great security. But the hinges on sliding doors are often not strong enough to hold the door open, so if you have a sliding door that is hard to open or close, then it needs repair. Many individuals fail to realize that it’s not always necessary to replace a sliding door. Sometimes, you need some maintenance or a repair of a sliding door. If you have problems sliding your door, we can assist you in lubricating the door’s tracks.

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Glass Door Repair

There are many things you should look for in a company when it comes to glass door repair. Some of these things include the availability of the repair service, the price, and whether or not they’ll be able to come out and fix your door right away. The first thing you should look for when searching for a company is what kind of services they offer. The most common types of glass door repair include: installing a replacement window in an opening left by removal; repairing broken glass; repairing doors that have been either kicked in or shattered by vandals; and replacing broken panes or mirrors within your door frame.

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Wooden Door Repair

The wood door repair may not be as easy as it seems. This is because of the many different types of wooden doors. The first thing that you need to do is to identify the type of your door. This will help you determine if it can be repaired or not. If you have a wooden-framed door, then the frame should also be taken into consideration before deciding whether or not to repair it. For example, if part of your frame has rotted and needs replacing, then you would need a new frame and therefore a new door.

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Folding Door Repair

A folding door is made up of four parts: two panels, the pivot bar, and the hinges. The panels are mounted to the wall with brackets. The pivot bar is mounted to both panels at the top edge, where they meet in the middle. The hinges are mounted on either side of one of the panels. The other panel is then swung over to cover it up. The hinges are the most important component of the folding door. They have to be strong enough to support the weight of the door. Hinges are what give a door its strength and stability, without them, it would be difficult to open or close a door. They are often overlooked and not replaced when needed and that is where we come in. We ensure that our artisan folding doors are repairing satisfactorily.

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Toilet Door Repair

The toilet door repair is one of the common toilet repairs that can occur in any household. The repair can vary in difficulty depending on the type of door handle that you have. The most common type of door handle is the knob which attaches to the door by a hinge or screw to allow it to swing open and shut. The lever is another type of handle which also swings open and shut but instead uses a spring inside to help with this motion. The third type, called a T-shaped latch, has two hooks that hold the door closed when they are up and then release when pulled dow We fix your toilet doors exceptionally well with our extensive expertise. That makes your toilet doors like new doors.

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Wardrobe Door replacement

The wardrobes are made up of wood, steel or aluminum. They are either assembled to the wall or the floor. The doors are usually opened by pulling them open to the side. The doors may be hung on hinges that slide on a rail mounted on the inside of the wardrobe, or they may be hung on hinges that allow them to swing out into space. Wardrobe doors are an integral part of your wardrobe. The door provides an attractive frontage to show off your clothes and also hides away all the messy items that you don’t want to display in plain sight. It’s not just about how it looks, but also practicality with regards to its functionality. We also work to replace the wardrobe doors. Doors in the wardrobe that cannot be used because of malfunctions. We are here to replace them.

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Cabinet Door Repair

If you are looking for a professional company to help you with your Cabinet Door Repair, then look no further. We have been in business for more than 10 years and we provide a variety of services, from installation to maintenance. Doors that do not open or close properly, doors that stick or doors that will not close all the way can be a major inconvenience and cause a lot of frustration. We know how important it is for you to get your door working properly again as quickly as possible. With our expert knowledge and skilled technicians, we will make sure that the problem is repaired correctly the first time around. We will get you back on track in no time!

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HDB Toilet Door Lock Replacement

How can you tell if you have damaged your HDB toilet lock? If your HDB toilet door does not work correctly, a few factors may suggest that replacing the HDB toilet door can be required. A toilet door with a faulty HDB toilet door lock opens or shuts without locking. These are only two of the numerous warning indications of problems with replacing the toilet door lock. It is essential to address this as soon as possible to prevent issues!

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Glass Door Hinge Repair

Glass door hinge repair is a process that is needed when the glass door hinge has been bent, broken or the screw has fallen out. It is necessary to fix this problem as it can pose a safety issue and would make the doors difficult to close and open. There are various ways in which one can repair a glass door hinge. The first way is by using screws to hold the two pieces together. This solution is popular for hinges that have been assembled incorrectly as it fixes the problem without any assembly required. The second method involves using glue, this solution will work best if you have just lost one of your screws and your screws are not too old or brittle as they will need some time to dry before they can be used again. The third method requires you to drill new holes and use bolts instead It is essential to replace glass door hinges for replacement and repair only with glass door hinges of the same kind. If a glass sliding patio door replaces a glass door hinge, then another glass sliding patio door hing is suggested for the replacement.

Door Hinge Repair & Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace the door hinges on your home or need to replace your business’s door hinges, it is important that you find a company that specializes in this type of work. There are many different benefits to hiring a professional for this project. Professional companies have the right tools and resources available to them when they are completing work on any type of hinge repair.

Door Hinge Repair: Door hinges are the brackets that hold the door in place. They come in two parts, one on each side of the door, and they help it swing open and closed smoothly.

Door Hinge Replacement: If the hinge is damaged or broken, you may need to replace it with a new one. 

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HDB Gate Latch Replacement

It is not uncommon to see people complaining about the gate latch. The main issues are that it can be difficult to open and close, and once closed it doesn’t stay shut. This is because the hinges on which the gate latch swings can often break or bend over time.

Another common problem with the gate latch is that it may not align properly with the post on which it pivots. A simple solution would be to simply replace the broken or bent hinges and make sure that they are firmly secured in place before reassembling your gate latch. A gate latch replacement is a common modification for people who live in HDB flats. It can be done to make it easier for individuals to open the gate. Individuals may replace the latch with a hydraulic or electric one.

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