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Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Gate

Mild Steel & Steel Gate

Mild Steel & Steel Gate

Mild steel is a widespread kind of steel on the market. Soft steel gates are often used as mild steel, making this product cost-effective, sustainable, and robust. Find your home’s newest gate designs. Want from our collection of more than 40 styles – more if you choose to customize your door design. We constantly extend our design options, please share them with us, and we will manufacture your metal door to the requirements if you have a plan in mind. Our team of skilled welders manufactures all our designs locally in Singapore. Mild Steel Gate is growing in favor of gate replacement in Singapore. Mild steel is the steel most often used. It is utilized both in industry and in the many daily items we use.  Please kindly contact us for free quote of mild steel gate replacement. Below are type of the mild steel gate  we supply and install.


HDB Mild Steel Gate

Initially, your HDB apartment has a fire-rated door supplied by HDB and has to replace your main entrance with a fire-rated door. When your main door has a double sheet, you have a tiny and one large panel, which HDB supplies. Mild steel is excellent for mechanical and general manufacturing. Its strength makes it a fantastic choice of material for cages, frames, clasps, and other applications, where severe stress is not imposed.


Mild Steel Grill Gate

Security grills prevent prospective burglars from seeing what is in their houses. The safety grills are constructed of various materials such as inox, aluminum, iron, bright steel, and mint steel. The door security grill is typically built of MS, i.e., mild steel.


Stainless Steel Gate

Steel remains a popular option for residential doors, providing a more contemporary look. If your door is demanding strength, then steel is the best option for you. Steel is more robust than iron and heavily depends on the competence of the welder/metal manufacturer that you select.

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