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Main Door & Gate

Main Door & Gate

Main Door & Gate

HDB Main Door & Gate The laminate’s main door is better and longer-lasting than the front door. The laminate door is waterproof and resistant to scratches. If your HDB apartment has a fire-rated door initially supplied by HDB, you will have to replace your door with a fire-rated door. The situation in which your main entrance has a double sheet means that you have a tiny and one large panel, which HDB supplies. Please kindly contact us for free quote of main door replacement. Below are type of the main doors we supply and install.


Metal Gate

Why pay more when you can personalize your best? HDB Metal Gate with the newest design, without additional design costs. We offer a metal gate for HDB supply and installation. We may work for you when you have a unique design you wish to create.


Mesh Gate

These Mesh HDB gates are constructed of high-grade mild, durable, and simple-to-maintain steel. Our Mesh HDB gates are highly customizable and weather-resistant!


Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron is composed of cast iron periodically heated and reworked. This production method which provides its laminar structure to wrought iron, makes it an expensive material. The tensile strength is much greater and more ductile than cast iron.


Aluminum Gate

Aluminum gates are constructed of light-colored, robust aluminum extrusions with a hard, attached surface coating in various colors or wood-effect finishes. This implies that it may appear like classic wooden entrance gates, adorned wrought iron gates, contemporary style, and even five-bar gates. Aluminum doors provide outstanding all-around performance, with exceptional compressive strength, tensile output, and impact strength. It may not be as robust as steel, but anti-corrosion can keep for longer while not becoming fragile in winter.


Mild Steel Gate

Mild steel is sometimes referred to as simple carbon steel or carbon steel. It is a carbon steel substance that contains no more than 2% carbon and no additional alloy. It is the most critical component of steel manufacturing and is utilized in several applications. The iron worked, and the mild steel is not exact. Wrought iron is a blend of iron, silicate, or silicate slag, weighing between one and three percent, while mild steel combines iron and a tiny quantity of carbon.

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