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Carpentry Services

Our carpentry services are specialized in a wide variety of residential projects and facilities. Please tell us how we can assist you and what you want to install or upgrade at home during your first estimate with Handyman Connections? We tailor each project to suit your requirements and vision. Our carpentry services also include repairs, equipment and window replacement, cabinets, and more. Our carpenters will take off and replace all installations, providing you with a new and high-quality cabinet to update our bathroom, kitchen, and other facilities.

There is nothing more distinctive and lovely about a house than skilled, bespoke carpentry. Professional and affordable carpenter services for homes and businesses are available in Singapore, helping you personalize or repair furniture, doors, windows, damaged knobs, hinges, handles, and so on.

The repair services we provide our clients are below,

1. Furniture repair

Our experts are furniture repair professionals. A creative repair and restoration strategy enables us to give you several options that suit your requirements. Qualified and experienced experts ensure your furniture is in the best possible condition in the shortest possible period. Damage caused by watermarks, burns, stains, and other spills may take away your attractiveness. The qualified experts at the Furniture Medic provide home furniture repair instead of expensive furniture replacement at a suitable time.

2. Sofa repair

If you need a sofa repaired, there are many factors you should consider, such as the type of sofa, the extent of the damage and whether the same pieces can be reused.  There are many types of upholstery repair that can be done to fix the comfort and fabric of your sofa. Some of these include fixing loose cushions, replacing the seat fabric with the same color or pattern, replace springs and padding, repairing small tears or stains on the fabric with sewing techniques and relocating furniture to avoid back strain

3. Table repair

Table repair is an art. It is not just about repairing the table, but also about restoring it to its original beauty. We all know that tables are delicate pieces of furniture, and they require careful handling. For example, wood is a resource that needs to be used carefully because of its scarcity in the market. We’re going to repair your table at a meager price. Our professionals offer your best and make your table unique.

4. Chair repair

Chairs are a common part of the home, office, school and public environments. They provide a place to sit which is both comfortable and practical. Chairs are also often designed with good aesthetics in mind. Chairs need regular maintenance to ensure that they remain in good condition for as long as possible. We have the prefessional carpenter to repair your chair.

5. Cabinet repair

Cabinet repair is the process of restoring the structural integrity of a cabinet. This can be done by replacing or repairing damaged parts, such as broken hinges or door panels. Cabinet repair is often necessary when homeowners experience water damage in areas that may have affected their cabinets. The process of cabinet repair starts with the assessment of any damages. The next step includes determining which parts need to be replaced or repaired.

6. Drawer repair

Drawers are the most natural way to store and organize your clothes. They do not require any extra decoration or maintenance. The only thing that may happen with drawers is a problem with their mechanism. There are many reasons why a drawer may get stuck or jammed, but fortunately there are also plenty of ways how to fix a faulty drawer on your own. There is no need to call a specialist if you have the right tools and know how to use them properly. Empty the drawer before beginning the drawer repair and remove it for careful examination. The most straightforward repair may be tightening loose screws on the front, decorative hardware, or drawer body. Do this first and observe what happens when you insert the drawer again. Remove the drawer entirely from the frame and tap the front of the drawer downwards by approximately 30 degrees to force the wheel components off the drawer slides.

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